Cheating At Online Casinos

There are many interesting examples of cheating casinos and several games at real casinos have been shown to be vulnerable to determined cheats, though sometimes it is difficult to differentiate between cheating and playing using an optimum strategy.

One of these grey areas is card counting, and the most famous example of semi-successful card counters is the MIT card counters who have been featured in several documentaries and feature films. These people worked as a team in which different members had different roles. It was the job of some members to just play the blackjack tables using optimum strategy but at the same time count the cards so as to determine when the decks were hot, that is when there was an increased chance of winning. They would then signal this fact to other team members who played the role of reckless big stake players. The big rollers would then sit at the hot table and place large bets, knowing that they had the edge over the house.

The MIT team did win considerable sums of money but eventually were identified and banned from every big casino in the USA and Europe. Did they cheat? In fact, they did not break the rules so technically they were not cheating (card counting is legal) but they did make themselves extremely unwelcome.

Another game that is vulnerable to cheats is roulette. This is due primarily to Newton’s Laws of Motion. If the position and trajectory of the roulette ball relative to the wheel is known at any instant whilst there remains the opportunity to place bets, then, using basic calculus, it is possible to predict with a high degree of confidence in which sector of the wheel the ball is most likely to come to rest and to make appropriate bets that have a greater probability of winning than losing.

Although it is just perceivable that the ability to do this could be found in a savant, it is beyond the abilities of most people, but with the aid of a hidden computer it is a feat that has been achieved by several and many millions have been won in this manner. This is cheating as the use of such gadgets in casinos is illegal.

So, what about cheating at online casinos? Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on your viewpoint this is simply not possible as all events are controlled by random number generators and are in fact random.

If you ever fancy trying your luck at online casinos, try no deposit online casino first and see whether you have it in you or not. Don’t cheat as there is no way you can cheat playing at online casinos.